I welcome you warmly to www.newkokoro.com. The way things were done previously are changing every time. The success doors were made of wood yesterday. Today they are made of steel. The keys of yesterday were big and made by local blacksmiths. The keys of today are small but open big doors. Some doors don’t even need any key. Some need you to approach them and then they open. Others need you to use remote control on them. Understandably, the need for new keys (www.newkokoro.com) comes in handy. The methods used yesterday can’t work today sir. The internet is a goldmine and we are moving on yet. Don’t be left behind just chatting away your life on whatsapp, facebook, twitter, etc. www.newkokoro.com will show you something you have never seen. You will share your success story soon. 

Blessed be the Almighty for great and mighty privileges. I am loaded and need to pour out. I am saturated and need to give out. I am full and need to let others have some. I have more than I need and need to give out so I can keep getting too. These are the reasons why newkokoro.com is created. I have read a lot of materials. I have attended a lot of seminars that I cannot do all I know. Any individual that uses 3% of his/her brain capacity is termed a genius.  What about those who use 4% to 8%? Hey! Super people. It’s time for you to be super. Many people do not know and hence they go into and remain in bondage and captivity. One single secret clearly seen by any dummy will make that dummy a star. This blog/site is created to make you a star. I love to mentor you. I have been mentoring youths and adults since when I was in secondary school. Some of my mentees are bankers today. one of my mentees travelled to USA recently while the other is in Turkey. I spoke with the one in Turkey for barely 30 minutes and he later wrote me that I was his mentor. The offload and download within that 30-minute time frame was life changing for him. It lead to his breakthrough. The one in the United states wrote to thank me after getting to the US. I wrote her back thanking her for following instructions. The lady believed and followed all the instructions I gave her and resounding success became her story. These boy and girl are doing their masters abroad on full scholarship. Even their flight was paid for!

I am a transformer. I am a transfigurator. I am born to win. I am born to help you maximize your life. “When the pupil is ready the teacher will appear” is a wise saying. The teacher is ever prepared. I have been preparing for this season a long time ago. I am around to help you. I know I will not die as an individual but as an institution. This is about time we get started. Most of the life transforming write ups here are short because most people don’t read much these days. I have condensed the information herein for you like condensed milk. www.newkokoro.com contains information on motivation, scholarship, business, sports, music, movie industry, forex, online and offline money making, quiz contest, essay contest, photo contest, to mention a few. Tell a friend you love about www.newkokoro.com. Let them know early enough. New information will be added weekly. So login to the site every time. Read, unread, re read, take action and succeed.

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