Researchgate is a website designed for scientists and researchers to showcase their works. This is essential for visibility of their research works. Researchgate currently has over 3 million members, though some are inactive. Some of the benefits of joining researchgate are as follows:

  1. Research collaboration with researchers worldwide
  2. Learning and sharing publications with researchers worldwide
  3. Connecting with colleagues worldwide
  4. Obtaining data and metrics on use of uploaded publications
  5. Asking questions from researchers around the globe that have the same set of research interests
  6. Job seeking or recruitment all over the universe
  7. It is a platform for learning and sharing knowledge between different disciplines, at different levels, among different communities over the entire globe
  8. All the active members contribute to the research community as well as gain something from the research community irrespective of their positions.
  9. It is a good way to know people and to find information related to one’s researches
  10. The publication reads give an idea how one’s work is evaluated
  11. Increase visibility of the research works
  12. Identification of new angle of research planning
  13. Identification of gaps of projects, works and articles
  14. Increase of knowledge in different subjects
  15. Interaction with scientists of different countries working in same or related field of research
  16. Communication of new idea to likeminded scientists worldwide
  17. Increased interest for research by identifying the position as a researcher by RG Score
  18. Getting mental satisfaction through the discussion with like-minded people of the globe
  19. Links to jobs, postdoctoral positions, grants, fellowships, etc.
  20. People do contribute to and try solving most of the problems that one posts at research gate.

The more you put into researchgate the more you will get out of it. Most people do not update their profiles and hence are not current on researchgate. Being current makes your work more visible and hence greater chances of being discovered for collaboration, etc. Create a profile and start researchgating today!

@David Adetitun.

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