The process of pasteurization was named after Louis Pasteur who discovered that spoilage organisms could be inactivated in wine by applying heat at temperatures below its boiling point. The process was later applied to milk and remains the most important operation in the processing of milk.

Louis Pasteur was a French chemist. France was a major producer of wine in his time. The problem was that France needed to export its wine to generate money for the country. The wine was in high demand outside of France. The problem was that the wine got spoilt in transit before it reached other countries as it had to travel by ship over a period of days, weeks, or months as the case may be.

Scientists in Pasteur’s’ day were to solve the problem. Pasteur heated the wine to its boiling point and discovered that spoilage microorganisms were no longer in the wine but the wine also lost its taste. Pasteur then heated the wine to a temperature below its boiling point over a period of time and found that the wine did not spoil over time and did not also lose its taste. There are variations of Pasteurization process today.

Bottom line: Pasteur did it. You too can discover a better way to do something!

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