The number one need of a male is sex. A male here not a man. A man is spirit. A man is god. The reason is because a male is designed by God to be a progenitor or to procreate. To provide the genes for the generations. To produce generations. The man carries the generation. A man needs sex. He does not want it. Sex is needed by man to function. Married women be aware of these. A car needs gasoline not that it wants it. Without gasoline the car cannot move. The man is driven by the divine purpose to produce seeds. The man is ready at any time T, at any place P. The man is ever ready even when the wife is not ready. The man does not have a cycle. Some women think that their husband have a devil because of his demand for sex. He had it last night, this morning and is asking for it at night again. All men regardless of career have that urge for sex. Any man without these sexual desire needs to be examined.

A woman’s number one need is not sex. She likes sex, she enjoys it but that’s not her number one need. The number one need of a woman is affection. Affection is not sex. When a wife gets affection she will give sex to her husband. The married woman should go to bed in a way that will make it easy for her husband. Your body is not your own woman. Therefore, understand the need of the man and adapt.

Men need to be sensitive to know when the woman is ready and keep himself when she is not ready. The woman also needs to understand the need of a man to have a good marriage. To go on a prolonged fast, you have to inform your partner as the partner may ask for sex at any time. A man goes on producing sperm all his life. A single ejaculation contains millions of sperm cells. A woman produces about 330 eggs in her lifetime and she produces one egg approximately every 28 days. The release of unfertilized egg by the woman is called menstruation and can last 4 to 6 days. During this time sex has to wait. The man has to wait. Understanding is required from both parties for all to work well.

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