This piece was sent in by a very, very, very close friend of mine who writes for newkokoro sometimes.

In the early 1990’s while I was in Junior Secondary School (JSS) in Lagos, I attended a club meeting. One of the external leaders of the club came around that Friday and handed all of present some forms to fill.  He was trying to get our BIODATA in order to know the executive offices we will fit into. One aspect of the form asked about what career line we want to pursue in the future. I never thought about that until that moment. Nobody ever spoke to me about my future career or life goals. I just went to school and came back home from day to day.  That Friday that I wrote down my life career brought about unforgettable changes in my life. I wrote it down again for myself and put it under my pillow. I became more focused. I now know that I need not do commercial or art subjects in my Senior Secondary School (SSS) because I aimed to become a godly medical doctor. That made me to take physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and English Language seriously. It came naturally that I did well in those science subjects. I bought the textbooks and stayed awake at night to read them. Today, I am not a medical doctor but I am a godly biologist. This is the power of goal setting.

Someone said “aspire to be like moon and if not you will be one of the beautiful stars”. This means that if you can’t exactly reach your set goal you will be somewhere close to it. Another maxim says that “if you don’t have a goal you will leave like a goat”. Many people go through life wishing, praying and desiring. Those are good steps to goal setting. After wishing for a car, after praying for a car, after desiring a car, write down that you want a car and then plan how you will get it. Paste the written down goal on a wall, maybe behind your door (especially if you are leaving alone).  Cut a picture of a car and put it on the wall of your room or make it the background of your laptop. Next, find out how much a car cost and how will you be able to raise the money and from what sources and for how long. This is how to get your goals actualized after setting them. This is how to get your prayers and desires answered after doing the needful. Don’t always be waiting for crumbs from the rich man’s table. Go for the big loaf this year.

This is simply how to set goals and achieve them with the help of the Almighty God. No matter what your goals are, simply follow this method and you will see them being actualized before your very eyes. Here I have used a car as an example it could be any other thing that you desire. The time to start is now. Wake up and hit the new year 2019 with your goals. As a student, your goals should include making straight A’s. As a worker, yours should include fulfilling the requirement or moving towards a promotion or career progression. As a business owner, your goal should include how to meet customers’ expectations more and make more sales and get more profit.

You must have short term goals, mid-term goals and long term goals. For a student whose goal is to become an accountant, the short term goals should include having at least a credit in the science subjects together with mathematics and English Language. The midterm goal for such a student will be to get to the University and graduate with good grades in accountancy and also to take ICAN or other accountants professional examinations and pass them. The long term goal for such will be to practice as an accountant in organizations where their services are required.

Have a list of goals and brood over how to actualize them in 2019. If you do these, you will have direction and will be amazed how you will achieve most of your goals as the months in 2019 roll by. You can take stock of your goal weekly. That means you will take stock 52 times this year as we have 52 weeks in the year. When you follow this principle of goal setting you are bound to shout for joy and laugh by the end of year 2019.

NOTA BENE: Don’t just read and forget, take action, action, ACTION NOW! ACT NOW!


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