The gospel is the word of God. It is what is written in the Bible. The gospel is referred to as good news due to some many reasons a few of which will be explained here.

  1. The gospel talks about the Almighty God. Its good news if anyone can tell about God that we cannot see but can see His mighty works. We can see His blessings and His words coming to pass as stated in His word.
  2. The gospel is good news because it talks about man’s salvation. The gospel is the power of God unto salvation. It provides a way of escape for us to come from darkness to light from backwardness to forwardness. The gospel ensures we know how to escape from hell to heaven.
  3. The gospel removes fear from our hearts. Perfect love casts out all fear. From the dominion of Satan to becoming people that have dominion. God talks about our freedom from the influence of Satan and his cohorts everywhere in the gospel. Satan is not as powerful as we think. God is the most powerful. Satan is not omniscient but God is. Satan is not omnipotent but God is. Satan is not omnipresent but God is. Is that not cheering news? This is what the gospel does.
  4. The gospel brings healing of the soul. Wounded hearts can be healed by the power of the gospel. Relationships that have been soured by whatever can be smoothened out by the power of the gospel. God working to do wonders and melting hearts.
  5. The gospel heals physically. There have been instances of people who by hearing the word of God on healing of whatever part of their bodies have received their healing. The gospel brings faith that makes the sick and diseased to rise and walk whole. The gospel has healed many who were physically infirmed. A man was listening alone to the gospel on his sick bed in his room and he heard the gospel on tape. He got his healing. God working through the gospel by tape.
  6. The gospel is good news because it infuses hope. Situations that normally would have caused problems and difficulties are made well with the working power of the gospel. People who should have died of dejection come back to life because of the word of the gospel. Our generation is hopeless without the gospel.
  7. The gospel makes love to reign. Where the wine of love have gone down the gospel comes in handy to return the wine and bring in love, the agape type. The gospel makes people to overlook past offences. Offences must come said Jesus Christ but the gospel makes us to overlook and become better lovers.
  8. The gospel makes the hardened to become softened. Hardened criminals have been transformed by the power of the gospel. The gospel power breaks the hardened heart and softens it. A hardened man or woman breaks down and gets a heart of flesh. Prisoners have taken the gospel in prison and become transformed people.
  9. The gospel brings wisdom. Hearing, reading and doing what the gospel says makes us wise unto salvation. It makes us wise unto all things. The psalmist said he was wiser and more knowledgeable than his teachers because of the gospel. If anyone wants wisdom such a one should get into the gospel in any way or form.
  10. The gospel is good news because it is the power of God. Paul told us this in Romans 1;16. As am typing this now power is transmitted. I can feel the power of God. Power is built up, power of God is stirred. Anywhere the gospel is the power of God is. As you are reading this now the power of God is at work in it and in you and in your situation. This is your time to get a solution to that your problem because the gospel and the very power of God is at work. Put God to action by talking His work. You will celebrate.
  11. The gospel is the medicine the whole world needs. The world is sick whether physically, financially, socially, academically, economically, spiritually or in any way. The gospel brings healing to the dying world.
  12. The gospel brings faith, trust and believing. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. When the gospel gets into you by reading or hearing faith is built up in you. A man heard the gospel and said “I can never be poor” at another time he said “I can never be sick”. When the man was saying all these he was poor and sickly. He kept saying it because he read it in the word of God. People mocked him because he was yet poor but after a while a kind of supernatural wealth that everyone has come to know him and his ministry with speaks. Recently he said he was “dangerously wealthy”. These are all offshoots of the gospel. It infuses and injects us with faith.
  13. The gospel is good news of a truth. That’s all for now. I believe God for you that that situation that looks unsurmountable for you will be surmounted immediately now in Jesus name. You will be celebrated and have very good news. Amen. Leave your testimonies and comments below.


  1. Keep on with the good work sir. I am blessed. I am inspired. More anointing and walk with God is your portion in Jesus name. Amen

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