Good day every one. It’s a brand new day and we all seek to be connected one way or the other. It’s a good desire. Some years ago someone narrated to me that he was to speak at an event to challenge some University freshers on the capability of God to see them through the campus. He told me that he could check his old notes and come up with a talk or exhortation from the old messages he himself had jotted. He however wanted to be different as some of the new students might have listened to the jotted notes before. He wanted fresh insight. According to him as he pondered and prayed, he got inspired to talk on the subject “God: the connector of the unconnected”. He said he thereafter scribbled some notes down as they were dictated to him by God: the connector of the unconnected. Part of what he scribbled down was instances where God showed Himself as the connector of the unconnected. Some of such are as follows:

  1. In the life of David. Prophet Samuel was to anoint a king among the sons of Jesse to replace king Saul. All the others were invited except David. When none of them could be anointed, they had to call for David. Samuel said we will not sit until David arrives. Can you imagine, even his father and family members did not recommend David but God recommended and connected him. God will recommend and connect you too, cool down.
  2. In the life of Naaman. Naaman was a great soldier but he was a leper. The God who connects the unconnected made sure his house help knew Elisha the prophet. That link brought about the healing of Naaman. The prophet simply asked him to bath in a certain River 7 times and that settled it. God will link you up today, watch out.
  3. Blind Bartemaeus. This blind man was not connected. People were giving him money, food, clothes and other things. But they were not giving him sight. They knew Jesus was a miracle worker but they never took him to Jesus. He was blind but he could hear that Jesus Christ was passing that way. He cried out to Jesus for help. The people around instead of bringing him to Jesus or telling Jesus about him shut him up. They asked him to keep quiet. I like this man sha. He did not keep quiet. He shouted the more until he got the attention of the Saviour. He broke their protocol. Jesus stood and asked them to bring him. When he came to Jesus, Jesus asked him what he wanted and he said he wanted to receive his sight. Jesus Christ, the connector of the unconnected ensured he received his sight. God will restore your spiritual sight at this very time. Blind Bartemaeus was not connected but Jesus connected him.
  4. A man at an interview. People say you need connection to get a job. Wait the connector of the unconnected is still at work. A friend wrote an aptitude test with others. He passed with some others. He was invited for the interview with others. The company cannot employ all of them that went for the interview. The interviewers saw him and told him at the interview that we will help you. That’s God for you: the connector of the unconnected. He planted those interviewers ahead of the interviewee. The man got the job and grew there. God is still giving people good lucrative jobs in big places.
  5. A friend’s admission. Another friend told me how the connector of the unconnected showed up in his admission to college/university. He said he passed but was not admitted. So he went to the Department and a lecturer checked for him with the Head of Department. The Head of Department came out of his office and said they did not see the candidates application, hence the reason he was not selected. The candidate was advised to get to JAMB and do some fresh documentation. He did that and got back to the HOD. The HOD said the only condition for the candidate’s admission was if the Dean was willing to sign a supplementary admission list. It was difficult getting the Dean to do that for about a month or so. The Dean was to travel and someone acted on his behalf. The person who acted was well known to the candidate. Hey! You are smiling. That was how the candidate got his admission. The connector of the unconnected made sure the person acting as Dean was a known person to the candidate and that was how he resolved the admission issue.
  6. Students in a University. In a particular university in a specific year, some students were not supposed to proceed to the next level due to their low scores. The child of a high ranking individual was among them. The big man wanted his child alone to be sorted but a particular lecturer said if I will do it for your child I will do it for as many in that category. The big man said “do it for all in that category”. Friend, the unconnected was miraculously connected to favour to succeed by the connector of the unconnected. The smiled to the next level en masse. It was a great deliverance!
  7. The man going for visa interview at American Embassy. The connector of the unconnected made sure the interviewer had flat tyre on the road. This man was going for the visa interview but he just decided to help the flat tyre person. He helped him to change the tyre and they went their separate ways. About an hour later he reached he embassy and entered the interviewing room. Hey! He saw the person he had assisted on the way sitting as the interviewer. That was how he got his visa. The connector of the unconnected used his good character to connect him. Be good to people sir.

I can go on and on with examples. I will however pause here for now.  God indeed is the connector of the unconnected. Let him connect you. He connected people before. If I ask you I know you will have examples of people who have been connected by God and God alone. This is your day. This is your week. This is your month. This is the very time of your divine connection. Drop your comments below and God bless you big time.



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