Have you ever been trapped in a place and need to escape? Have you ever been in a troublous and rowdy place or circumstance and all you yearn for was for it to pass? The plan of the creator is for all to escape from all forms of danger. God is so caring that he uses various methods to help us see the way of escape. It’s like a father and his family. He sees more than they see and tells them where to go or be per time. He also tells them where to run from per moment or even in the future. In the book of the prophet Jeremiah, the Rechabites were warned by Jonadab their father not to drink wine, not to build houses but stay in tents. Why? Accumulation of wealth in that day makes them targets of attack by enemies who want to dispossess them. Today, God’s will and plan for us is prosperity and not penury. Don’t settle for less today. God will protect and preserve you and your wealth. Let Him direct you like he directed these people and they obeyed.

Lot lingered when the angels came to rescue them. His main problem was that he was not fast. If he had been fast enough, he would have exceeded, he would have escaped with his whole house. He might not have lost his wife. The wife too seems a very hard nut to crack. She looked back despite the warning not to look back. Lot must have been patching up in his family with the wife not being submissive. The evidence, the result came when she took even the angel for granted and looked back behind Lot and she could not escape. Submission by women makes men especially their husbands to favour, love and cherish them. Same applies when everyone submits to God.

Abraham believed and obeyed God and He counted it to righteousness for him. It’s like a university student who did only the lecturers test but missed the examination due to some reasons beyond his control. In the test the student scored 30 over 30 while others scored below 10. Others wrote the examination eventually but this 30 over 30 student missed the examination. The lecturer then decided to use his test score for his exam. If he can score 30 over 30 he can score 70 over 70 too. The student had 100 percent even though he did not write the examination like others. When you obey God and are fast with his command you will escape from every evil and enter your wealthy place. The Holy Spirit spoke to me on this subject and here its documented for our profit. Allow the same Holy Spirit to illumine you. This is your season of escape, be fast about it. God bless you.



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