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I woke up in the morning after two weeks of concentrated hearing from ministers of God on divers issues of faith and ministry. After series of impartation and personal encounters. I heard in the morning “sa asala fun emi re”. This is Yoruba sentence meaning “escape for thy life”. I went on to read the story in the book of Genesis chapter 19 especially verses 15 to 22. God continued speaking to me and I kept asking and receiving inspiration by the Holy Ghost. Lot dwelt in Sodom and the angels came to destroy the place but are willing to let him go before they destroy the place. The destruction of the place seemed to be urgent and time bound. When God wants to do something it does not take him time. He could turn a tenant who could barely pay for his/her rent to a landlord in a moment. God is an urgent and fast God.

My heart desire for you is that God will show Himself in a speedy way in your circumstance in Jesus mighty name. Amen. A security man who lived in the gate house of a rich man. a poor man at least by that kind of work and in a developing country. He attended a Christian gathering and the word of God said he would become a landlord in 24 hours. He said Amen and left the meeting. It was on the 31st of December. In the morning of the new year he reached out to the master of the house to greet him “Happy new year sir”. The man asked him have I given you anything for the new year? He answered no. The man gave him the keys to one of the flats he owned in an estate with the papers. The security man went to the house, used the keys on the doors and they opened. He looked round, it was a brand new house. He went back to thank the rich boss and the man told him he would arrange for his furniture to be moved their immediately. This is because the rich boss changes his furniture yearly. God answered this man within 24 hours. Key in to this God of 24 hours and wonders will be your portion.

Back to Lot, I know students who have examinations and they do all they can to be at the venue in good time. That’s speed. No student will oversleep on the day of the examination. No student will want to miss the examination deliberately. People who have interviews to have some form of speed attached. If they land the job it could change their beggarly life to a prosperous life. Hence the iron their clothes ahead. Polish their shoes ahead. Barb their hair ahead. Wake early and hit the road in good time. They sometimes get there and hour or two before the set time. This is because they want to get something. Lot however, was not prepared. He was told, he was informed, he knew something was about to happen. He saw the signs and the wonders yet he was behaving funny. He was not ready to escape for his life. My friend, to do anything tangible in life you need to escape first. In some manufacturing companies, in some industrial estates, in some laboratories, the first thing is safety! Safety first! When some people are celebrating their birthdays their friend greet them on social media by writing “HAPPY WOM ESCAPE”. Escape is the first before anything else. You can’t be in bondage and think straight, think well. You must come out of bondage first. I decree emancipation for anyone in satanic bondage, human bondage and captivity in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

In Acts chapter 3. Peter and John went to the temple to pray at the 9th hour. A man crippled from birth sat at the gate called beautiful. He was a beggar. They bring him in the morning to beg and take him back later in the day. He must have been doing that since childhood. He was now a man in that passage. All he was used to was begging for alms, always begging, just begging. Daily, weekly, yearly, just begging. I pray begging will stop in your life in Jesus name. Amen. When he saw peter and John he wanted alms, money, food, etc., just something temporary. He was not desirous of being a giver. He was not desirous of rising out of the crippled state.  Some people’s businesses are crippled and all they desire is money to feed, to live from hand to mouth. God will send your peter and John to you now in Jesus name. Amen. Peter told him I don’t have money but rise up and walk. The most pivotal thing the man needed was to walk but he was desirous of begging. My friend to escape for your life you need to identify that thing that is major in your life. Don’t chase after shadows. Identify the main thing for you to escape for your life. Lot lingered because he did not know that he needed safety fast. I see God opening your eyes to see what you need to see for you to escape in Jesus name. Amen.

To escape there are some friends you need to cut off from. You are aiming at higher ground academically, physically, financially, socially, spiritually and so on. An individual who is going nowhere cannot be your friend. Rise up and walk friend, escape friend. Make friends with people who will move you forward and not those who will take you back, draw you back or delay you. Destiny is more important than friendship. Who are your friends? They talk to you, write you, see you, you see them. They will influence you. They will decide the direction of your life. Watch the friends you keep. I see God sending destiny helpers to you. They will stand by you to take you to the place you ought to be. They will make sure you succeed in whatever you do.

I like Lot a lot. An encounter with God is personal, everyone has to get theirs. Lot escaped even though his wife looked back. He pressed on. He escaped. Decide in this race of life and destiny that no matter what others do you will escape. Don’t let others determine your success. Rise up and succeed. This is your season. This is your time. The race is personal. Others may not want to win. I want to win. I want to make it. I am born to fulfil destiny. I will make it. I cannot be destroyed. I cannot be hurt. I will not cry. No curse will affect me. I am blessed. Escape in your speech. Escape in your belief system. Some people say there is no job in the country. There are jobs o. So many jobs. Years ago I was seeking a job. A senior officer in customs who was my neighbor told me that there was “embargo on employment” then. I did not know the meaning of embargo then. I went to my dictionary and saw it. I did not believe it. I knew people are getting employed every day. People are resuming daily. I believed. I prayed. I made haste to apply to different places, got interview appointments and offers here and there. I secured jobs and changed jobs eventually. Some women will tell their husbands food have finished at home. Stop saying that. What you say is what you get. Say instead food is plentiful at home. Go to your kitchen and prophesy food into existence. Call rice, beans, yam, potatoes, turkey, chicken, beef, fish, oil, vegetables, amala, tuwo, fruits, juice to come forth. They will come. You desire a car? Say out where it’s going to be parked. It will be so for you. You will get what you say. Death and life are in the power of the tongue.

Lot was to leave Sodom. Perhaps you need to leave where you are now for your story to change for good. You have been there a long time and nothing good is coming out of that place. Is it not time to be fast about it? Don’t linger, don’t waste time, don’t consult, don’t think to take people along. Move, move out of a dead place to a living place. Move out of places without opportunities to places with bright and shinning opportunities. Rise and let God assist you. God may be drawing your attention to changing your job, to reaching forth and conquering, to doing exploits for Him. He may be telling you to change your job, to move to another organization. Don’t tarry. Make haste. You will laugh.

I see some people about to start a relationship leading to marriage. You see clearly some signals that point to domineering and disrespect in the wife to be and you assume it will be alright in the marriage. My friend cut off the relationship and escape for thy life. It is time to steer clear. You see the man to be your husband smoking and doing other nasty things and you think he will stop when you are married. You are getting set to marry an outside man. A man who may not stay at home most times and likely to spend money on enjoyment that are not enjoyment. See clearly now and escape for thy life. You and your spouse to be argue over small matters and refuse to reconcile by all means. You won’t agree and s/he won’t too. That’s a clear signal that God is giving you to escape for your life. You see your partner to be in secret dealings and you find out only for the partner to try to cover up. Rise up and wise up. Escape before the fire engulfs you. Don’t look back lest you become a pillar of salt.

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  1. Amen!!!
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