God specifically told Lot and his family not to look back. They were to press forward. They were to look ahead. They were to make progress. They were to keep longing for the things ahead and not the things behind. Some chaps that were brilliant in primary school become dull in secondary school. Some were extraordinary in secondary school and they were nowhere to be found around any university. Some people graduated but never went on to secure good jobs or spouses. They succeed in school but fail in life. Rise above all that and look not behind thee. As you are sound in primary school be more sound in secondary and most sound in the university and then go on to be sounder in real life. In marriage, at work, in family and other life stances life finance and others. Why don’t you have a car again? Where is your house? Why was it sold? You have looked back if you had a car before and are now car less. Rise up my friend and look not behind thee. It is easier to get there than to stay there. God will empower you to get their fast and stay there in Jesus name. Amen. Somebody that was in the front before is now at the back. That is not what God said. Rise up. Rise up, rise up, straighten your gaze, don’t turn your head and or neck.

If you will not look back and you keep moving, you will reach the place to escape to and enjoy your victory. If you determine never to look behind it will safeguard you. A story was told about some soldiers some years ago. They went to war and their captain burnt the bridge over which they had passed so no one could run back. They knew they can’t go back and they fought to finish. They fought with the whole of their heart and being and won the battle. The burnt the bridge behind them.  I challenge you to burn the bridge behind you today. That bad friend that you have let go is yet calling you? Delete the number. That former thief that you were together before is now inviting you, don’t respond. Cut off all links that will lead you back to Sodom. Coming out is not sufficient, stay out!

Don’t even look! Look not behind thee. Didn’t Lots wife hear? She did but wanted to see behind her. She was interested in what was happening behind. You are not missing anything you left behind. When God says move, move for good and believe the best is what God has provided at the moment. Thinking its better where you left will make you look back. Many have gone to their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. They remember the past and fall again. They are caged and entangled again. Many who have dropped their resignation letter go back to the previous place of employment and are held afresh. I know the story of a woman in a place I worked previously. She had a good offer from another company and tendered her resignation letter. The management persuaded her to stay with promise of higher pay and position. She stayed and got a raise and a new position. The company reorganized and moved her to a place where she does not interface with the public but just within the company. She lost that opportunity to move to another company. If she had gone after a while she could write again that she is willing to come back and she would state her terms. Another man, about the same time had similar opportunity and moved immediately. He worked for a while with the new company and moved again. Currently he is running his own company and doing his thing. That’s the benefit of not looking back. Life is a risk. Take calculated risks.

I know of a man who was assistant branch manager in a company then. He resigned from the company without any other appointment to immediately go to. He applied to many places and eventually got a place as a branch manager in another company in the same city. Today he is a regional manager and has his own subsidiary which he manages with his friends. He took the risk. Not taking a risk is even risky! He did not look back and today is stronger than even his boss who was the branch manager of the former company that he left. The owner of Amazon.com left his job to start amazon. It was really crazy then. How can you leave the known for the unknown? How can you leave certainty for uncertainty? He never regretted leaving his former company. He never looked back. Today amazon is well known while his former company is not even popular.

Lot’s wife looked back and became a pillar of salt. What exactly was she trying to see? She wanted to gaze at her former friends. She wanted to see the city again. She wanted to know how the burning is happening. She wanted to see their former house. That singular disobedience cost her a lot of losses. It cost her family a lot. Her husband lost her and her children lost her too. She lost her life also. Friend God wants me to let you know that the moment you have escaped don’t look back. Don’t settle for less. God is calling you today to a lifetime commitment to his way and his doings. Follow his instructions. It will benefit you.



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  1. This is one of the best piece I have ever come across!!! And it did come in time.God bless you sir…keep changing lives!

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